About Us

Maadhyam is an online art resource and a gallery located in Bangalore, India. Our assortment of art and sculpture exists in modern, traditional, and luxurious works.

Remarkable top-of-the-line works of art, a reasonably limited release assortment in various materials.

Our History

Maadhyam was founded by Radhika Mukhija in the year 2013 with the twin objectives of spreading the love of art and giving back to society. She has been a creative director, fashion and beauty director and sourced custom art for luxury brands, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.

Our division is accomplished in coordinated efforts with interior designers, hotels, restaurants, and construction companies. We collaborate with luxury brands, influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs. We operate around the globe and our designs are unique.



Satisfied customers worldwide and growing


Radhika Mukhija

RADHIKA MUKHIJA hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan, a terrain well known for its rich history, art, cultural heritage and tradition.

Coming from a family that spearheaded Tourism, Art & Culture, and Environmental Conservation domains in the Rajasthan Govt; she imbibed all she saw as a child – thereby naturally acquiring an eye for art.